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Janson + Tsai Design Associates provides the following services:



Janson Tsai Design are licensed architects and have designed and built a number of new buildings for the film and television industry. These have included film sound stages, major broadcast network headquarters and stand-alone studios. Integrating technology, acoustics and green design together to produce first class buildings and environments that are flexible, future proof and exciting to work in.

Interior Design

Interior design for all Janson + Tsai Design projects is done in house. Technical spaces, studios, offices and administration spaces are all carefully designed to meet the requirements of the client. Media, broadcast and entertainment spaces often come with a specific range of interior design criteria based on performance requirements, acoustics, light reflectance requirements or other functional reason that involves the end user working or viewing in a controlled environment. Janson Tsai is intimately familiar with these requirements and produces first class interiors. Interior design services include selecting and specifying finishes, furniture, materials, lighting and the design of all areas within the project.

Acoustic Design


Specializing in performance venue acoustics, isolation, sound attenuation, vibration control, acoustic testing and room acoustic performance, Janson + Tsai Design's  experience in treating sound critical spaces for maximum performance --  from high end music recording studios to less critical sound venues-- result in successful solutions specifically tailored to the end user's needs and requirements,  and not over, or under designed.

Set Design

Janson Tsai Design is intimately familiar with television production, camera angles and views, shot blocking, programming and anchor positions along with both stand up and interview sets. Set design is part branding and partly creating a visual environment that supports the program and content being presented. A well designed set is a valuable tool both for the presenter and the viewing audience. Keeping up with regional viewing trends is an important design tool as is understanding the client’s needs, technology and the many elements that go into good set design.

Audio Video

Professional audio/video design is offered for all types of spaces and includes design using Dolby ATMOS audio systems. Services have been provided to major film industry and production company screening rooms and cinemas, ADR suites, theaters, recording studios and live performance venues. With a clear understanding of future and current technology and equipment, finished projects range from extraordinarily complex to less complicated.

Project Management

Managing the construction process to a successful completion is a necessity and Janson + Tsai Design provides this for all of their own projects and offers management services to clients as a stand-alone service. Controlling costs, schedules and the quality of the construction is extremely important for any project to be successful.

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